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Shipping Time
The goods are shipped within four days. You will be informed about your order processing and shipping by e-mail.

Delivery Time (Guarantee period by Czech Post)
Europe - max. 2-3 weeks
World - max. 1-3 months (by destination).

The real delivery time is shorter - for example: Australia 2 weeks, Holland 5 days, London 7 days, Brazil 3 weeks etc..

Order Cancellation

An order may be cancelled within two hours of sending either by phone at: +420 220 806 802 or by e-mail at shop{at}bestia{dot}cz.

Step-by-Step Purchase Guide

It is very easy to make a purchase in our Internet shop, but nevertheless we would like to provide you with a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it right. Please, follow the instructions below:

1. Search for the item you want to buy. You can browse the categories; enter author’s/singer’s name or part of the item’s title in the “Search” field.
2. Have you found the desired item? There is nothing binding so far, you can cancel your order any time. By clicking on a highlighted item’s link, you can see further details about the selected product. Here, you can order it with the “Cart” button.
3. If you wish to buy more items, click on “Back to Shop”, then search, browse, choose again, and if you are interested in the item, click on the “Cart” button again.
4. When you have finished selecting the goods and wish to order, click on the “Checkout” button. If you have not logged in, you will be asked to enter your account information – e-mail address and password (if you are a registered customer), or to register yourself (if this is your first purchase here). This is necessary so that we know where to deliver your order. The purpose of the registration is to permanently save your data, which is secure with us (see Privacy Notice), and to archive your previous orders.
5. When the order has been successfully sent and entered in the database, an order confirmation will be displayed in your browser. You will also receive a confirmation of your order (as well as a confirmation e-mail when you have registered) at your contact e-mail address. So, if you have ordered from us for the first time and have registered yourself, you have to receive two e-mails – one confirming your registration and the other confirming your order!!

How to download the MP3s?
After your payment has been received in our account, you will be notified about download authorization by e-mail. The download link can be found at www.shop.bestia.cz , under Login -> Overview of orders too. Just click on this link and download to your computer.



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