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Complaint procedure
1. The buyer must, without undue delay, examine the goods delivered by the seller and notify the seller of any detected defects within three days. The guarantee period commences upon acceptance of the goods by the buyer.
2. The notification of detected defects must be made in writing (by e-mail at shop{at}bestia{dot}cz) within three days of acceptance of the goods. In the written notification, the buyer must state the detected defects, i.e. what kind of defect is concerned, and how it is manifested. The written notification of detected defects can be submitted in person at the seller’s headquarters or by registered mail at:

BEST I.A.,a.s.
Poupětova 3
170 00 Praha 7
Czech republic
Phone: +420 220 806 802
Fax number: +420 266 713 018
Orders - fax: + 420 266 713 018
Orders - e-mail: shop{at}bestia{dot}cz

3. A copy of the proof of delivery and payment for the concerned goods must always be submitted when lodging a claim.
4. The seller takes no responsibility for damages resulting from products’ operation, functional properties and incompetent usage, neither for damages caused by external forces and incorrect manipulation. Defects of this type are not covered by the provided guarantee.
5. The seller is obliged to inform the customer by e-mail or phone about processing and settlement of his claim within three day of its receipt. The claim will be settled without undue delay, not later than 30 days after it has been lodged.
6. The guarantee period for goods is 24 months.

Claims of the Czech Post services
Our goods are delivered to you by the Czech Post. It might happen that you receive a damaged parcel. Please, follow the instructions given below:

1. Please, always examine the parcel in the carrier’s presence.
2. In case the wrapping is damaged (creased, torn, soaked…), immediately draw up a damage report on the parcel with the carrier.
3. Do not let the carrier convince you that the parcel has not been properly packed. We take special care of the goods to make sure they arrive to you in good condition.
In case of problems with the Czech Post, please e-mail us at shop{at}bestia{dot}cz – state “Complaint at Carrier” as the subject of your e-mail, describe the problem, give your contact information, and the number of the parcel and invoice. We will solve the problem with the carrier and notify you of any further steps. Damaged parcels cannot be your concern and must not make on-line shopping an unpleasant experience for you.



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email: shop@bestia.cz
tel.: (+420) 220 806 802
 (+420) 266 713 018
Address: BEST I.A., a.s.
Osadní 12a
170 00 Praha 7 - Holešovice